Brand - Thermos™

At the start of it all in 1904, the founders domesticated the vacuum insulation technology, creating the first Thermos® product. A product that would quickly become a staple in the lives of adventurers, explorers, and everyday folks like us. With over 100 years dedicated to providing reliable products, Genuine Thermos® Brand remains just as committed today to helping you to Protect What You Love™.



Thermos was the first company to commercialize and develop consumer products using vacuum insulation. We pride ourselves on cultivating products known and trusted for merging a timeless technology with modern day materials and mechanisms. From our durable double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation technology to our engineered lid options, you are certain to find a product that perfectly fits your lifestyle with superior performance.

Thermos 1.1L Dual Compartment Food Jar

SKU: 696972
  • *Two separate hinged compartments with locking

       stoppers to keep contents secure
    *Integrated carrying handle for maximum portability
    *Stainless steel compartment features Thermos™

       vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention,

       hot or cold. Contents in stainless steel compartment

       will stay warm. even when the food jar is stored in the

       refrigerator!  Perfect for soups and salads, or hot

       cereals and cool fruit
    *Full-size, folding stainless steel spork (spoon + fork)
    *Stainless steel exterior stays cool to touch with hot

       contents and sweat-proof with cold

       Capacity: 470ml – Stainless Steel compartment;

        590ml – Eastman

        Tritan™ compartment