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Difrax: because you and your baby deserve the very best

The creative Difrax design team develops all new innovations in cooperation with medical experts. The members of the Difrax team have been making the difference for almost 50 years! They are the heart and soul of our business, driven by their common goal to add joy to the lives of mums, dads and children all over the world with the beautiful products of Difrax!

Safe & Secure
Our products are therefore extensively tested. After all parties involved have given their approval, the baby articles are reviewed by a test panel of experts, the ultimate end users; you and your baby!


Difrax S-Bottle Wide Anti colic – 310 ml – Blue

SKU: 6914
  • For years, The blue Difrax S-baby bottle Wide 310 ml has been the most popular baby bottle amongst babies, mums and dads due to the unique anti-colic valve and the S-shaped bottle. The combination of these two special features ensures a constant and regular flow of nutrition without the baby gulping the milk down. The S-baby bottle anti-colic can be used from birth and is a well-proven combination with breastfeeding. Also very suitable for milk porridge.

    • The distinctive S-baby bottle can be used immediately after birth for both full-term babies as well as for premature babies (preemies).
    • The bottle has an unscrewable base which can be cleaned easily and filled with ice cubes of breast milk.
    • The anti-colic valve prevents vacuum suction and ensures a constant flow of the nutrition allowing your baby to drink without interruptions and without swallowing air.
    • This prevents chances of stomach cramps, colic, constipation, baby burping, reflux, vomiting and even earaches.
    • By means of the unique S-shape, the S-baby bottle is the first bottle that promotes a natural baby feeding & bonding position, at the same time stimulating parents to be ergonomically seated!

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