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Difrax: because you and your baby deserve the very best

The creative Difrax design team develops all new innovations in cooperation with medical experts. The members of the Difrax team have been making the difference for almost 50 years! They are the heart and soul of our business, driven by their common goal to add joy to the lives of mums, dads and children all over the world with the beautiful products of Difrax!

Safe & Secure
Our products are therefore extensively tested. After all parties involved have given their approval, the baby articles are reviewed by a test panel of experts, the ultimate end users; you and your baby!


Difrax Soother Natural 6+ M – Hi

SKU: 7306
  • The Difrax Natural soother 6+ months fulfils your baby’s sucking need. The soother nozzle is round and convex-shaped, making it ideally suited for children who are able to turn the pacifier around in their mouth. The size of the shield and nozzle have been adapted to 6+ months old babies.

    The unique soother has a butterfly shaped shield ensuring a perfect fit to your baby’s face. The recess for the nose enables your baby to breathe freely through the nose. Two airy holes on each side provide additional airflow, preventing skin irritation.

    The soother offers your baby comfort, peace and relaxation.
    Difrax soother are available in many fashionable prints and different sizes.

    Difrax advises to replace your baby soother every six weeks. Perform a daily check on the dummy by pulling firmly at the teat, to ensure that it remains undamaged.

    Product highlights

    – The butterfly shape of the pacifier allows free exposure of the baby’s nose
    – Prevents skin irritation by the airy design and an optimal airflow
    – Developed by the Difrax medical team