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Brand - Kisskiss Hughug

KissKiss HugHug™ was created in 2008 by close friends Felecia & Jacqueline. Both were new mums who found themselves self-conscious when faced with the thought of breast feeding their new additions in public. Deciding to do something about it, the KissKiss HugHug breastfeeding cover was born.


Kisskiss Hughug Dummy Saver – Pink

SKU: 698545
  • Keep your baby’s dummy clean with a dummy saver by KissKiss HugHug.

    Gone are the days of those cheap plastic chains. Now add style to your baby’s clothes with a dummy saver made of reversible grosgrain ribbon complimented with a trendy silver buckle!

    Dummy stays clean for longer
    Dummy is always within baby’s reach
    Dummy is easily removed for cleaning
    Fashionable metal buckle
    Secure enough so baby cannot unclip
    Great for daycare
    Suitable for all ages

    Stop finding dummy’s all over your house,the KissKiss HugHug dummy saver will pay for itself many times over