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Brand - Mamas & Papas

Mamas & Papas was first founded by Luisa and David Scacchetti, new parents who wanted better, we continue to grow. Now their daughters are shaping the business, using their parenting experiences to influence everything we do.We listen to parents. Their feedback informs every one of our creations. That’s why we get them to trial all our products before we release them, so you know if it’s good enough for them; it’s good enough for you.We’re the only baby brand with an on-site UK accredited Test Lab; meaning all our products are rigorously assessed for safety, making sure they hold up to everything you and your little one throw at them.

Mamas & Papas Childrens Backpack – Bunny

SKU: 696994
  • Our bunny backpack is not only a fun accessory for you little one, but also an important safety harness for you, allowing you to keep them nearby at all times.

    size:bag/ around 23cm * 30 cm
    Harness/ around 1M

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