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Brand - Combelle France

Based in Cantal, France, Combelle has been specialising in nursery items for nearly a century. Wholeheartedly trusted by parents, Combelle uses a variety of natural woods to contruct all of their pieces. From their baby beds, high chairs to changing tables, all Combelle pieces are built to last. Since the birth of the brand in 1926, their concept has evolved and Combelle has successfully combined tradition and modernity. The makers at Combelle are experts in all things nursery and are dedicated to providing high-quality and advanced products.


Product Highlight:

  • Import from France
  • Compliant to AUS & European Safety Standard
  • World-wide patented babycare products
  • Funiture 100% made in France

Combelle Square Playpen Comfort Mat

SKU: 11649
  • Comfort mat for Combelle square playpens.

    • The ta is made of 100% polyester 400 g/m2. Fabric 50% cotton, 50% polyester.
    •  Dimension: 0.98 x 0.92 m

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