Brand - Candide France

Candide is a babycare specialist from France with over  30 years of experience in design and manufacturing mattress and bedding related products. Candide’s Baby Expert series is very popular among parents and it targets to provide the best well – being for babies in any environment.


Product Highlight:

  • Import from France
  • Compliant to European Safety Standard
  • World-wide patented babycare products
  • Baby mattress 100% made in France

Candide Poeme Baby Swaddle with Car Seat Belt Opening 0 – 3 months

SKU: 2027
  • The Candide Poeme Baby Swaddle with car seat opening was designed for babies aged between 0 -3 months. It can be used with your baby’s car capsule, cradle or cot. This swaddle is lined with 100% cotton jersey which is an ultra-soft material for baby’s comfort.

    Its hood design helps to keep your baby snug and warm during the cooler months. There is a slot located on the back of the sack which allows it to be attached to car seats and cradles. This makes travel easy.

    The hood that can be folded or completely unfolded depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment.

    • Designed in France

    • For babies 0 – 3 months

    • Size: 65cm

    • Adjustable hood to keep baby warm during the cooler


    • Stretch inserts in top and side panels allow babies to

       move freely and sleep in comfort

    • Integral opening makes it suitable for use on a cot or

       pram mattress

    • Use with car seats

    • Double ended zipper can be fully opened

    • Zip-click® feature

    • Skin-friendly and eco-friendly – no pesticides or


    • Velour outer with appliqué and embroidery detail

    • Materials: 100% cotton jersey lining

    • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low