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Brand - Babymel


Babymel was born in 2006 to founders Mel and Suzi. After becoming mothers, they were both seeking a lifestyle that would allow them to grow a business without having to compromise time spent with their growing families. Submerged in the parenting world, they found a gap for a range of changing bags with a modern aesthetic for a new generation of parents. Not only do they come ready to go with all the essentials needed when out and about but are made to be incredibly durable and great value for money.

Babymel Robyn Backpack Nappy Bag Heart Dusty Grey

SKU: 689231
  • You prefer to stay flexible and not be pinned down, especially with a little child in tow? Then the Babymel Robyn Backpack Changing Diaper Bag may be perfect for you. This changing bag breaks with convention and offers everything you could expect of a changing bag. Discover the Babymel Robyn Backpack Changing Diaper Bag and get ready for an exciting everyday life with your little treasure.

    First of all, the Babymel Robyn Backpack Changing Diaper Bag is not a changing bag. It is also a changing backpack. You can carry it in four different ways, which gives you greatest freedom. Thanks to the adjustable strap this bag can be carried on your back, across the body, over the shoulder or in the hand. And the Babymel Robyn Backpack Changing Diaper Bag can also be used on the buggy.

    The visual appearance of the Babymel Robyn Backpack Changing Diaper Bag is fresh, young and modern. The linen material used looks great and makes this changing bag extra robust and durable. A elegant design highlights, this changing bag has great appliqués of faux leather.

    Plus the Babymel Robyn Backpack Changing Diaper Bag features an impressive amount of storage space: six compartments and pockets inside and outside ensure that you can easily find any items you need for your baby. The wet wipe compartment is particularly handy, as you can take out wet wipes on the go without having to open up the changing bag – a wet wipes dispenser for on the go, so to speak.

    Finally, the Babymel Robyn Backpack Changing Diaper Bag also includes a changing mat and a bottle holder. The changing mat is soft and padded and can be machine washed if required. The bottle holder is insulated so the baby bottle stays at the right temperature during your outing.

    Changing backpack
    4 different carrying options
    Can be attached to buggy
    Material: leather and linen
    Design highlights: imitation leather appliqués
    Large main compartment with zip
    6 pockets inside and outside as organizing system
    Includes wet pipe pocket for easy access to wipes on the go
    Includes soft, machine washable changing mat
    Includes insulated bottle holder