Brand - Candide France

Candide is a babycare specialist from France with over  30 years of experience in design and manufacturing mattress and bedding related products. Candide’s Baby Expert series is very popular among parents and it targets to provide the best well – being for babies in any environment.


Product Highlight:

  • Import from France
  • Compliant to European Safety Standard
  • World-wide patented babycare products
  • Baby mattress 100% made in France

Candide Multi-Purpose Blanket Brownish-Grey Velvet

SKU: 2076
  • The Candide has created an ultra-soft  multi-purpose blanket made of soft fleece that has  multiple uses and ideal for cooler temperatures.

    • Designed in France

    • Country of Origin: Tunisia

    • Size: 80 x 80cm
    • Suitable for all ages, with its waist belt and adjustable

        outer fastening
    • Slitted to adapt to any transport system with a three-

        point harness (carrycots, car seats and pushchairs)
    • Elasticated hood to protect baby’s head.
    • Soft fabric, opens easily, fully wraps around baby
    • Machine washable